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Welcome to the official website for the Folsom Family Association of America, Inc. On this site you can learn about all things Folsom.

Here you can get information about the National Folsom Family Reunion/Conference which is hosted in a different area around the country each year. You can explore the links on this page to learn about our ancestors, our rich family history, regional reunions, famous Folsoms, and so much more. Please check out our membership tab to learn more about becoming a member of the Folsom Family Association to receive our printed newsletters and annual reports. Several levels of membership are available.

If your last name is Folsom or you have a Folsom in your family tree, there is surely a connection. We welcome you to explore that connection and learn about your vast and colorful family history. The best way to learn about the Folsom family is to attend a National Folsom Family Reunion/Conference where you can meet Folsom cousins from across the country. While at the Conference, which is headquartered at a hotel complex offering special rates for your stay, you can spend time with the association genealogist to research your own particular line, enjoy a hospitality suite and have the opportunity to take part in family orientated group activities designed to showcase all the interesting sights of the reunion location.

We hope you will look around our website, enjoy the links and available information about Folsoms, and check out the next national reunion/Conference.